Parque Arqueológico Kaminaljuyú :

This Archeological site is located in Guatamala City and was a major pre-Classic Maya city that had both ceremonial and trade functions. There were more than 200 structures across the entire site. The hieroglyphics discovered at the sites predated those from other major Maya sites. Most of the ruins remain buried, but the bases of a few pyramids and some tombs have been excavated. One of the more striking features of visiting this site is the fact that it exists in the midst of Guatemala City's major urban setting. Most of the best artifacts and carvings uncovered here are housed at the National Museum of Ethnology and Archaeology. Allow about an hour to visit this site.

If you are passing through the capital on your way to one of the major tourist destinations like Lake Atitlan or Antigua, take a few hours and visit this site. It's only about 45 minutes from the airport. It's one of the oldest Maya sites in Guatemala, and was inhabited for a thousand years. Most of the many pyramids are covered with grass, graceful trees picturesquely growing on top, but you can enter the "Acropolis" and see what the Archeologists are excavating. A lot of the amazing finds from this site are at the National Museum of Archeology, close by to the airport. 

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