"Men's Dormitory"

Upper and lower level townhouse style suite. Lower level boasts a 400 square foot den. Full kitchen with modern refrigerator, oven, stove, microwave, with ample cabinetry space and cooking space. Local inspired stone fireplace accompanied by 15 foot tall wooden artwork ceilings. Rustic Spanish inspired metal artwork chandelier with comfortable wall couches and large windows facing fifth avenue.

Upper level 550 square foot dormitories hosts 8 single-beds with temperpedic mattresses. Dorms have a full bathroom with shower and tub, design inspired by indigenous Mayan artisan tile, wood and stone masonry. Dormitories include a stone fireplace and a 30" TV screen. Large walk-in closet with ample hanging and wardrobe space. 10 foot wide windows line the wall providing access to plenty of sunlight and fresh air.