Caoba Farms & Eco Farm Tours:

This is a great day activity which is absolutely free! The best time to visit is on the weekends when there is live music and many locals come to bring their crops and sell it at the small organic market. It is an excellent choice for families and backpackers alike! 


Caoba Farm is an all organic farm that also offers volunteering, yoga classes, a small shop and an exclusive Eco Farm Tour which costs from Q75 with other options to include in the tour. The farm has come to produce and sell over 100 different organic crops commercially. Caoba Farms now consists of two fully operating farms with a total of 45 acres. Today, the farms supply top restaurants and hotels in Antigua and Guatemala City with fresh, organic produce, as well as stocking the Caoba organic store.

For more information regarding the Eco Farm Tour visit the Caoba Farms website!